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Monthly good mail club


7 months of Good Mail!

From February 2024-August 2024, I'll be mailing one new paper invention to subscribers every month. This object will be produced in a limited edition of 500. It is a great way for me to prioritize finding time to make the new experiments real. (So thank you!)

Subscription to the whole six month period »
$163, billed once for Feb 2024-Aug 2024 (i.e. save five bucks!)


If you would prefer to pay monthly, you can sign up for that here, on Patreon.

What will happen every month?
Your card will be charged each month / I'll ship all of the orders on the last week of each month.
What if I sign up late?
If you pay in full for the 7-month period, you will receive all future months, as well as the previous months (if unavailable, I'll reach out about substitute items).
International Subscribers?
Due to high postage costs, I will dispatch international shipments quarterly (at the end of every 3 month period).

This period:

February's Mailing:

Turn the pages to simulate a walk through misty forests… trees on transparent vellum to make a transparent National Geographic. The atmospheric conditions in each scene may be tweaked by lifting/turning the page a bit.

Samples from last year:>

September's Mailing:

September's mailing is a 👁️ winking wall hanging. (a miura-ori fold that acts like a lenticular.) One of the sheets comes folded, two of the sheets are fold-it-yourself.

October's Mailing:

October's mailing is a Modular Building Kit for Furniture Design (like LEGOS but for furniture!) Inspired by the utopian furniture movement of 60s and 70s, where raw plywood (and few tools) were used to inexpensively outfit a home. I mocked up a table in colored paper using slotted-shapes borrowed from Enzo Mari and Donald Judd. And then I built it! This kit includes dozens of varied slotted furniture design shapes, so you can design your own dream table (or chairs or daybeds or shelving or counters) while learning about this history.

November's Mailing: (this will ship out the last week of November)

November's mailing is a set of (fully-assembled) Christmas tree/cat cards. They are laser-cut, foil-stamped, and double as a hanging ornament.

December's Mailing: (this will ship out in mid-December)

December's mailing is a set of (fully-assembled) Happy New Year fireworks cards. They are laser-cut, foil-stamped, and feature different blinking light patterns.

January's Mailing: (this will ship out in mid-January)

January's mailing is a collaboration with artist and friend, April Soetarman. We're sending an incendiary creative-practice-indecision-support kit that aids in letting go of the old and welcoming in the new.

More to come in 2024!…: