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Visually-similar vastness

Geologic Time Stickers
the arc of time, through—>visually-similar material

- 60 stickers per roll
- 1.25" diameter stickers
- Matte, pleasingly-smudge-resistant finish
- Great for wrapping gifts
- Made locally


While these stickers all kind of look the same, they actually show a slice of scenes from different millenia. They begin with the magnified texture of a meteorite (containing material from the Big Bang), then move to the ice age, then jump ahead to the proliferation of concrete in the Roman Empire, then picture the iconic mottling of a composition book… which all look happen to look like ice sheets breaking off into the sea.

These stickers come in handy for adorning envelopes, creating makeshift stationery, and wrapping gifts. They also collage well.

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