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Interactive Alphabet
Bizarrely, some types of grids can be magnified using perforated paper:

- Hand-numbered edition of 100 books
- Handbound by me with Swiss-style binding
- 26 letters/pages (A-Z)
- Includes a paper screen (+ explanation of why it works)
- Pages are detachable and can instead be used as prints
- Printed nearby!


This book showcases twenty-six different typographic experiments with moire magnification—one for each letter of the alphabet.

To use:
1. Place perforated card atop print.
2. Shift to animate.
3. Rotate to zoom.

The interactive behavior of these letterforms is based on the research of Swiss scientists Emin Gabrielyan and Isaac Amidror into the phenomenon (and applications) of moire magnification.

The illusions presented here “work” by virtue of how the human eye and brain are constantly attempting to complete implied shapes. When two (correlating) grids are stacked and then shifted, a consistent blocking/hiding of the underlying design occurs. The consistent nature of this masking taps into the brain’s tendency to complete the outlines (that it believes are there), creating the illusion of movement/magnification of distinct shapes, which don't actually exist (they are solely optical occurences.)

Each letterform is rendered in a different style, in order to fully investigate the capabilities of the effect on a range of type. (Each pays tribute to a different artist or designer from history that I admire.)

Note: The color of the covers of the books are assorted colors (there are about 20 variations…most of which are sensible beiges and terracotta-browns, but there is also a few periwinkles, metallic golds, red reds, and olives.) No guarantees that I can provide the exact color that you want, but if you have a pref, leave it in the notes and I will try!