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Origami Folding Folder
…a folder of pre-scored auxetic folding patterns

…about the technical life of folds

This folder contains eight fold-it-yourself RISO-printed posters (Two of each design: 1 scored/1 unscored.) Each features a different folding pattern with mechanical auxetic characteristics. (Meaning that if the sheet is stretched L/R, they also expand up and down, like a multidimensional paper spring.)

Printed with fluorescent ink, the backs are geometric patterns, while the fronts show custom-drawn type, which deforms-and-collapses according to the planes of the pattern. The text provides folding instructions, as well as the tech uses (and potential) of each pattern. (origami mechanics have been used in everything from nanotech to spacecraft design.)

These prints just won an award from the Type Director's Club for their abuse of typography. woo!!!

Includes: The Miura-ori fold, Ron Resch's Square Twist, a modified version of the classic Waterbomb pattern, and an experimental Sequent fold

RISO-printed by me on recycled, sustainably-produced Mr. French paper in Brooklyn, NY. The prints come tucked into a custom folder made by Talas bookbinding in Brooklyn.


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A video supplement to the printed, diagrams here in case you get stuck!


This was originally a workshop at the Exploratorium and inspired a new course at the School for Poetic Computation.




There's kind of a cool, almost lenticular effect to them: