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Risographed prints


Folding Folder
…a folder of pre-scored auxetic folding patterns

Ships: Mid- to late March

This folder contains 8 risographed posters (2 of each design) featuring auxetic folding patterns for maximum folding joy.

These origamic patterns give paper an unusual spring-like behavior: if stretched L/R, they also expand up/down.

This set of prints just won an award from the Type Director's Club and will be exhibited in 25 countries around the world

Includes: The Miura-ori fold, Ron Resch's Square Twist, a modified version of the classic Waterbomb pattern, and an experimental Sequent fold

Each pre-scored sheet is printed with a pattern on the back and an explanation of its origin and technical/mechanical significance on the front. RISO-printed by me on recycled, sustainably-produced Mr. French paper in Brooklyn, NY. The prints come tucked into a custom folder made by Talas in Brooklyn.


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The front of each poster includes instructions, as well as information on the functional applications of each fold.

A video supplement to the printed, diagrams here.


This was originally a workshop at the Exploratorium and inspired a new course at the School for Poetic Computation.